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How it works
  Send in your work stamp with you name & date that  it was finished. Along with your permission to post it.  to the e-mail at the bottom of the page.

  We will then post it on our site. 
  As you send in more work we will start a page with just your stuff on it. That way if some one is just interested in your work they well let us know and we will contact you so you can get a hold of them If desired.
  If you would like more info then click on the contact botton.


     About Radanimation..
  We are a small group who love to draw and story tell. With those skills we wanted to see our work come to life. So we started animating.  
 With that it led to this website being built to show off our skills.
 Then we thought that there has to be other arties ,story tellers and animators who would like to show off there skills but did not want to start a Web site.
 So we would like to show off your work on our site.